Christmas Ornament

I can’t believe its already been a full year since my first Christmas Tree.

This year we decided to pick out one even SMALLER and in true form, I fell in love with a perfect 3-foot lopsided little guy which we affectionately named “Thumpkin”.


It took only 2 strings of lights and 30 minutes of scattering ribbon & the smallest ornaments I owned to get Thumpkin ready for Christmas . As I stood back and hung the last ornament, a silver tree sentimentally engraved with “2015 – Dean & Jess , Our first Christmas Together”, I immediately hopped on my computer and started searching for this year’s ornament.

Dean and I were lucky enough to find the time (and money)to fulfill our 2015 New Years resolution; to travel as much as possible. From parasailing over the beaches in Jamaica, snorkeling in an underground cenote in Mexico to climbing to Mt. Fuji’s summit in Japan, it was only appropriate that traveling was theme for our 2016 ornament.

After looking on Etsy & Amazon, I couldn’t find one that I loved AND in black & white, (because lets be real, i’m not going to start putting color on my tree now) so i decided to make one instead.

By ordering 6 glass ornaments with removable tops from Amazon ($ 5.00 for the set) and printing out a world map in black and white, i was able to cut the map in small strips and list the places we visited in 2016 in Sharpie on the outside all within 10 minutes.


This idea is perfect for an inexpensive DIY gift. I love how this one turned out and can’t wait to see what ideas I come up with for the other 5!

Happy Holidays,




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